Copywriting, editing, proofreading and secretarial services


Look your best

It is so easy to miss your town mistakes. What are town mistakes? Oh dear – of course I meant to write 'own' mistakes! My spell check did not help me at all! It is fortunate I have a professional proofreader checking my web words before they go online.

Whether it is a tiny error like a missing number on your business card's street address or an embarrassing grammatical error or typo in an important public document, Carnegie Wordsmith are your extra pair of eyes. What we do is make sure your document is the best it can be – before you have distributed it– before your audience can pass any negative judgement because of typos, poor grammar and errors.

We proofread manuscripts, medical manuals, advertising copy, websites, newsletters, novels, company brochures, university handbooks, business documents and more. We work for government departments, universities, businesses and individuals.

Whether you are looking for someone to check spelling, grammar, typos, formatting, or to check whether your message is talking directly to your audience – we can do it all.

Our goal is to make you, your product, your service and your enterprise look your best.