Here are some examples of Thank You letters we have received from our clients:

Heather Carnegie is a genius when it comes to words. If it wasn't for Heather I truly believe I wouldn't have had the career progression that I have had over the years. Heather also helped my husband with his CV and letters of application, and he too has had great career success because of her help. All the friends I have recommended to Heather all speak as highly of her as I do. You can't go wrong with Heather Carnegie.
Andra, Sales, Leadership & Staff Training Professional - and now very happy Special Education Teacher.

“Heather many thanks for your time and effort spent on my application and presentation. I gained wonderful knowledge and experience during this time.”

“Many thanks for the wonderful job you did on my CV and applications. As usual you were reliable and confident of meeting the tight deadlines that always seem to arise.”

“Thank you very much Heather  for reviewing and "tweaking"  my  CV and cover letter. After almost 12 months of nothingness and then seeking your assistance, in the past 2 weeks I have made it to round 3 of the applications that I have applied for.”
Ian, Logistics and Community Services Leader

Copywriting, editing, proofreading and secretarial services

Career Services

It’s no exaggeration to state that Carnegie Wordsmith words have influenced the careers and lives of thousands of people. We have a talent for making people feel comfortable, and for showing people how they are amazing in their own special way – and especially people who come to us feeling “I can’t…” When they read their new Curriculum Vitae, responses to selection criteria and letter of application, they realise “I CAN.”

Job applications by Carnegie Wordsmith are definitely out of the ordinary. Not silly or insulting to the prospective employer, but interesting. Captivating. Worth reading.

Our clients include teachers, doctors, engineers, recent graduates in all the professions, nurses, office workers, managing directors, marketing specialists, factory managers, warehouse workers – and many, many more.

We hate the all too common words “CVs should be written… THIS way.” Since every one of us is unique, we strongly believe in demonstrating each client’s unique qualities, so that the prospective employer can quickly see what talents the applicant has to offer that could meet their needs. Our catchwords? “We will find a way.”


Phone Heather (Melbourne) on 0413 070 330, Naomi (Cairns) on 0434 357 913 or David (Perth/Fremantle) on 0417 918 411 to talk over your special needs.
Or email us on heather@carnegiewordsmith.com, naomi@stw.net.au, or david@carnegiewordsmith.com.

“The scars you acquire by exercising courage will never make you feel inferior.”
D.A. Battista